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I've been procrastinating making this post, so it's gonna have a few questions.

First of all, I have no clue of population size. So how many people would be in a city that was small yet still had four distinct groups, while everyone in one group hadn't even necessary seen each other? The groups don't include people younger than 15 or so.

I don't need the exact number; I ask because I have a question regarding inbreeding. This is a closed city, with very few people travelling in or out. (a few lone people coming in per year at most.) Inbreeding wouldn't be a problem, would it? It's been about 300-400 years since the city was founded. Maybe inbreeding would have either already been a problem, or not be a problem?

That's kinda broad, sorry.

How many generations is 300 years? 400?

I need a gun. It has to be relatively small- handgun-ish, not rifle-ish- and easy to load. I know next to nothing about guns.

So if the average 21 year old male traveled through about two to three miles of knee-deep marsh at top speed, about how long would it take? If there's unpleasant weather, and he hasn't slept for 12 hours before making this trekk, and it's been, oh, six hours since he had food or drink.. is it conceivable that he would pass out as soon as he's crossed the marsh? I really want him to drop stone cold as soon as he makes it (thus delaying the urgent message and inducing a guilt factor), but he's on the healthier side of average.

If you plugged in an iPod so the battery didn't run down, and left it paused on one song... would the information about the song ever get burned into the screen, even the teeniest bit? How long would that take? Months? Years? Oh, and would the iPod ever actually shut down if you left it plugged in?

OK. I think that's it for now.

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