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Elizabeth I and Edward VI

This isn't a "give me answers!" question so much as a "point me in a general direction!" question.

Basically, I read a book a while ago (Elizabeth and Mary by Jane Dunn, if you're interested) which strongly implied that Elizabeth I and her younger brother Edward VI were good friends when they were children. What I want to know is:

- is this true?
- can anyone recommend any history books or websites which discuss their relationships in any depth?
- can anyone recommend any history books or websites which talk about their childhoods (either separately or together) - relationships with adults, contact with their father, education, personalities. Anything!

And while I am looking for books and websites, I definitely wouldn't say know to any random bits of information you have to offer.

Thanks very much. :)
Tags: 1500-1599, uk: history (misc), uk: nobility

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