10,000 more (apostropher) wrote in little_details,
10,000 more

Cheap neighborhoods WITHIN Paris limits?

Ok, I've exhausted my own Google skills, so I come to you! I need a cheap cheap cheap neighborhood WITHIN Paris, not a banlieue or suburb. Yes, I know, people say "there's no cheap places in Paris!", but best as you can manage.

Anyway, it needs to be somewhere where someone could live decently on as little money as possible without a roommate, but size of housing could be anything. An attic, something the size of a closet, whatever. As long as it's big enough for a mattress and and a few other things. Proximity to areas known for prostitution is a plus!

Thank you so, so much for any future help!!!! This area won't be hugely important to the story, but I'll need to have some sort of location to go by, esp. since one of the characters ends up on Montmartre and it'd be nice to know how long it took them to get there, etc.

ETA: Much thanks!!
Tags: france (misc), ~real estate

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