Chibi (tenshikitsune) wrote in little_details,

1920's Cold Remedies?

Yes, you all can filet me if my Google skillz are terrible...
I tried Google and got the name of exactly one over-the-counter cough syrup, tried Wiki and got some awesome herbal remedies to add to my arsenal of 'em, but no cough remedies of the 20's and then I checked and got an e-bay ad that showed a statue with a syrup brand on it and another wesite, this time with a piccy... So three names and a picture nothing else. Also, I can't use anything with too high an alcohol content because the 20's was the prohibition...Help?
Oh, also no hard drugs please? I know they used to use some of 'em as remedies, but my character doesn't want to use them.

10/23/06- ETA: Alright, I rephrase that... Both me as a writer and my character don't like te idea of using, say, cocain to fix a cold. Morphine, legal amounts of alcohol and some mild opiates are okay as in the 20's, like everyone has pointed out to me (thanks BTW, help is much appreciated as I'm historically stupid), nobody saw them as hard drugs.
Tags: ~medicine: historical

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