Khym Chanur (khym_chanur) wrote in little_details,
Khym Chanur

Control parents have over their children testifying

The following scenario is set in the current day United States: a 17 year old girl is the victim of a crime. The girl's mother, her only surviving parent and legal guardian, fears that if her daughter testifies that the criminal will kill the girl in retaliation, so not only does she forbid her daughter from testifying, she also forbids the police from questioning her, and/or refuses to press charges against the criminal. If the daughter is willing to defy her mother and testify/press charges, would the police have their hands tied, or could they open a case and interview the girl in spite of the mother's wishes? If the police could proceed, how much younger would the girl have to be before the mother's objections would have any weight?
Tags: usa: government (misc)

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