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Call Me Horatio Mumford

Hitch-hiking, youth shelters, and day labor

Hello, I've got a character who is hitch-hiking across the country and is, by definition at least, a runaway. Google's giving me lots of hitch-hiking tips, but no real time info; the rest of the stuff is being kind of elusive too.

1) How long would it take for him to hitch-hike from rural Kentucky to the San Francisco Bay Area? He looks like a fairly "good kid," is 17, and is travelling alone; how much would that impact the likelihood of drivers to pick him up?

2) He also only has about $200 to his name. Once he gets to the Bay Area (he'll probably want to stay in either San Francisco proper or the peninsula), what kind of youth shelters are available? I googled and found a few, but more specifically, I want to know what his options would be once he got there. He leaves Kentucky in June, and has a place to stay starting in late September--what kind of time limit do these shelters place on him? Also, like I said, he is a "good kid" and wants to work and get out of any shelter ASAP--what are his options? What is realistic?

3) Another option I've considered is having him do day labor in the central valley. How much would he be likely to earn doing this for two months, and what sort of crops are in the fields in June, July, and August? Where could he stay before he got onto a farm?

Thanks a bunch!
Tags: usa (misc), ~homelessness, ~jobs (misc), ~travel (misc), ~travel: hotels motels & hostels

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