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Knife wound

Google has failed me -- or more likely, I have failed to Google properly. Help me, little_details, you are my only hope.

My character, a woman in her 20s, is stabbed in the back with a knife. I want her to recover without major lingering issues, but I also need the injury to be clearly life-threatening and to involve enough blood loss that she goes into shock and loses consciousness shortly before she is carted into the emergency room. (There's five, perhaps ten minutes tops between the stabbing and her arrival at the hospital.) Would this pass the smell test for anyone knowledgeable about traumatic wounds? Could anyone recommend changes if it wouldn't? (I'm not entirely opposed to moving the wound location, though back would work best for plot reasons.)

If she was already in a great deal of pain and a bit of shock, in part due to multiple fractures in one elbow, is it realistic that she wouldn't immediately realize she had been stabbed? (Not that she wouldn't feel anything, but rather that she would think, "For Pete's sake why does my back hurt -- don't I have enough to deal with already?")

And finally, what could she expect after surgery? I imagine her waking up a few times so groggily that she isn't entirely aware of her surroundings, but how long would it take for her to have a rational conversation? Three days? Four? How long before she would likely be released? Once released, would she be able to go about her life, albeit gingerly for a while, or would she need special care of any sort?

Thank you all. The posts here are never dull, and I've learned a lot from the answers.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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