My Face Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction (banana_potions) wrote in little_details,
My Face Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Renting Villas in Southern Europe

Dear wonderful community,

You're my last hope. I'm looking for personal anecdotes - good or bad - regarding the renting of holiday villas in Southern Europe. They can be from the point of view of the holiday makers, property owners or the agents. I have information on how to rent a villa, advice from various consumer guides, and more ads than I know what to do with. It's unfortunately been quite difficult to find stories of personal experience and they're needed to help me round out the piece.

Any comments and links are appreciated. Thank you!

ETA: As always, this community comes through and saves the day. Thank you everyone, you've all been very helpful!
Tags: europe (misc), ~travel (misc), ~travel: hotels motels & hostels

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