samtyr (samtyr) wrote in little_details,

Location for a car accident

Ok, this question is mostly for LA, CA residents. My main characters are driving in a newer model luxury car when they have a sudden blowout. They pull off to the side of the road, which is very narrow since it is on a hillside. They are trying to change the tire when another vehicle comes along, sideswipes the car and hits them. (Btw, my guys are not drunk or high. They are found later and end up in hospital, but I have that part figured out.) What I need now is a street name (or possibly highway location) where this is most likely to occur. All I can come up with is Mullholland, which seems wrong somehow (too obvious maybe?); preferably a stretch of road that might be considered bad luck or jinxed. I have studied various maps of the area but I can't find one that works. The place doesn't have to be in LA, anyplace along the coast will do but I'd rather have it in or near LA. Thanks in advance.
Tags: usa: california, ~car accidents

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