Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in little_details,

Homeless shelter protocol

What sortof check-in/out process might there be at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen?
I'm kindof imagining her standing in a line and then getting to a 'checkpoint' and saying that she's not hungry, she just needs a place to sleep. Would there be any sort of interrogation, listing of rules, here's a baggie with a comb and a bar of soap, anything like that?

To make things more fun:
A) She is a teenager. Will they ask her age? Will they react a special way for under/over 18?
b)She looks like she just walked away from a bad bike accident. She's scratched up, her clothes are ripped, might be a bit bruised. Are they going to question her on this, assume she's abused/a runaway?

(and I doubt this matters, but just in case: Character has a very obvious physical 'deformity' which for purposes of the story is kindof treated like a huge portwine birthmark or missing fingers-- don't stare, don't ask.)
Tags: ~homelessness

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