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To live outside the law...

I'm doing research on the archetype of the rebel, bandit, outlaw, revolutionary-type person in history. I'm interested in anyone from Sandinistas to Billy the Kid--political rebels to dangerous characters who simply didn't like the law. I'm aware of Hobsbawm's writings on the matter ("BANDITS" and "PRIMITIVE REBELS") but I'm wondering if anyone has any more suggestions of movies, books, and/or websites. I'd be very glad for any input on the research of this subect.

Also, I'm wondering what would happen in the following scenario: It is 1976 in London, England. A young man saves a drowning child and leaves before the anyone can catch up with him. The police want to get his name, but he evades them for a while. Finally he gives in, goes to the station, and tells them his name, but makes up a fake address. He leaves.
Is all that realistic?
Then, the same young man gets arrested on "suspicion," which apparently was a law then. Policemen in England could arrest people if they thought they looked suspicious. Anyway, they take him to a different station (different borough of London). He lies about his address AND his name this time, making up a different address from last time.
Now, would anyone relatively sane actually do that, or would the consequences of the police finding out about his lie be too dire for it to be worth it? What would happen? Also, would the police have ways to check on the accuracy of this information? Is this all completely senseless and ridiculous and nothing like real life? Forgive me, I'm young and American, and I really don't know how these systems work... :) But I'd be very grateful for any help.
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