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Questions about Disabilities - Eyes, Lungs, Heart, Nerves

I'm writing a world wherein there's an activist / terrorist group. The main gimmick with them is that the four leaders (called the Aces) all have a disability of some sort. Since my medical knowledge is severely limited, I've got some questions -

The world in question does have primitive cybernetics, but there is a regional problem which makes most technology clunky and awkward to use. Medicine is advanced if you have the money to afford it. General flavor of the world is a sort of gritty steampunkish affair.

Yvette Moreau has a weakened heart. I don't really care about the science of what the exact heart problem is. All I need is some sort heart problem which could conceivably result from a bad set of genes, and something that wouldn't kill her too early (especially if you take the advanced medicine into account.) She has a genetic disorder that usually is accompanied by various weaknesses of the body. I'd prefer her problem to be heart related. Comments? Ideas? I'm randomly claiming that she avoids the usual stuff that isn't good for the heart (i.e. smoking, excessive drinking, being overweight) and that stress is bad for her.

Montague Orchard has an arm which was damaged by some sort of nerve destroying gun (I need a better name for it - all I can think of is Bujold's nerve disruptor.) The gun destroyed his sensory nerves almost up to his shoulder, and damaged the motary nerves. I'm claiming that he likes to wear a splint on said arm, partially to keep his wrist stable. Prior to the injury he was a sniper. Comments or ideas about how damaged nerves might affect his life would be lovely. I'd love any details about how nerve damaged limbs might work in comparison to undamaged ones.

Armand Corwin has lungs that were damaged from excessive smoke inhalation. I'm claiming he has to stay around oxygen to compensate for the damaged lungs. Does that sound about right?

Sibyl la Bornieta is basically legally blind. I'm claiming that she is able to use computers despite this condition (either through magnification, speech recognition software, or other tools). However, I haven't any good ideas how she got to be blind. One idea I had was that she had a fairly severe fever (a la scarlet fever.)
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