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Collegiate science classes, Gaelic pronunciation and Welsh marriage tradition

All right. My Google-ninja skills fail me in this, mostly because I have no idea what search parameters I'm working with and everything I've punched in has brought me things that I either can't comprehend or already know. In any case, explain in simplest possible terms, for I am a mighty failure in all of these following subjects.

a.) There are two characters at Penn State University: one's an upperclassman in Pre Med, and the other is a freshman or sophomore majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I don't know anything at all about either of these majors, but I'd imagine there are at least a few crossover classes between these two majors. What would be an advanced course, preferably a lab, that these two characters might have in common? I'm looking for something moderately difficult and potentially project intensive, but there's a lot of leeway here. Timeframe is anytime between 2000 and now, if that helps narrow the scope at all.

b.) What's the degree of inter-intelligibility between Irish and Scots Gaelic? To native speakers, what do they sound like to each other? Any and all adjectives would be amazing. I'd also like to know, from the point of view of a Scots Gaelic speaker, what that dialect sounds like when mangled with a Welsh accent. Is it mangled? Any input would be valuable to my accent-deaf ear.

c.) We have a situation in which a young man from the Cardiff area (Llantwit Major specifically) has been away in the United States for a little over ten years. When he returns to Wales, he brings with him his very American wife. What I'd like to know here is entirely cultural, and the more awkward the answer the better: is there currently a social stigma against wedding Americans in that area of Wales? What would be the prevailing opinion of neighbors, family friends, and other acquaintances upon his return? If it helps, he's inherited a modest fortune. (Though his wife is not aware of this fact, others are.) I'm looking for any and all possible reactions, whether it be bias against fortune-hunters or wide-armed acceptance. Also, are there any particular marriage traditions or social customs in this area of Wales that I might be interested in investigating further? Anything anyone has to say regarding this would be spectacular.

Thank you all for all your responses; I've got enough to start up without totally fudging on some major details, and it's all due to you fabulously informed people. Thanks!
Tags: ireland (misc), ~languages: celtic

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