Epigone (likethesun2) wrote in little_details,

Policies on releasing bodies to family from hospital

I've been combing through pages on hospital procedure for a while, but I'm having trouble finding an answer to this specific question. If someone dies in a hospital--in this case as a suicide--is it possible to have the body released straight to a family member, once all the necessary procedural stuff (forms, possible coroner's visit, etc) has been taken care of? That is, can you just take the body straight from the hospital without an intermediary funeral home or the like? How much rigmarole would be involved? What procedure(s) would have to be followed?

This is taking place in a US hospital in Tennessee, for the record, though I could shift the location to a nearby state if state laws vary enough to make a difference.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~forensics: corpses, ~funerals

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