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The invisible children

I heard this story once when I was younger and I wanted to use it in a story. But I can't remember exactly how it went. I think it might be an Islamic one, or at least a regional one from somewhere in the Middle East. Or something my childhood friend's creepy grandmother who loved to scare her grandchildren made up..

The story went something like this: Adam and Eve had fallen since long. They now had a lot of children. An angel came to announce that God would be visiting them. Adam and Eve felt embarrassed that they had so many children running around everywhere and told half of their children to dress up in their finest clothing and the other half to run and hide in the forest. (I think the story might even have included that they didn't have fitting cloths for all children)
When God came, he asked them if this were all their children. Eve said "Yes, this is every one of them". God asked them twice more, but each time both Adam and Eve lied. The rest of the visit went fine. God left and Eve called her children back home. But no matter how much she called, no one came.
"Stop screaming mother," a child called out. Eve looked around but saw no one. God had turned all the children she was hiding invisible.

From this day the invisible people have existed next to the ordinary people. If you throw something out in the middle of the night you should cry out a warning to them. You should not mock them by claiming they don't exist, or walk into their settlements either. They might get angry.. This part reminds me of the Swedish lore about vättar.

It's a pretty strange story and I can't find anything when I google it. Maybe I use the wrong words. My friend called them “the invisible children”, but it was a translation she made up herself. Have anyone ever heard something like this? I would be so grateful if I could figure it out.
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