happy scamper girl (rejoicingapathy) wrote in little_details,
happy scamper girl

internal body parts of humans

As part of a post-death ritual, a culture in my story need to go into the dead body and take out a number of things in order to make for better spirit transferal. The why doesn't really matter, because the problem is just that I don't know what the inside of a dead human looks like. I would like them to get a couple things, and I am open to suggestions.

I'm not planning on telling about any of these from the perspective of the people performing the surgeries, although such information would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I just need to know what they are because it's important to the people going into battle that these, in particular, be protected. However, any ideas, details or suggestions about how to perform an autopsy with a sharp knife and a mallet, and the difficulties potential to be encountered here are worthwhile. If, uh, for some reason you know.

I need them to get some sort of small, pocketable bones or pieces of bones or cartilage or something fairly durable. The obvious choices are in the hands, feet and spine, but I want something non-spine and they have taboos against mutilating hands and faces. Feet might be okay as a last resort. The only thing I can think of there is breaking off the xiphoid process (the last bit of the sternum, which can break during CPR and so I figure we can get at it pretty easily with a knife and a mallet). Or they could get the tips of ribs. What else is in the torso region that might work out?

How difficult would it be to break off one of the bottom floating ribs? How would you get at it?

How about the spine, assuming that you're inexplicably eviscerating the body and keeping it on its back? If you did remove parts of the spine but tried not to break the skin of the back, what would the corpse look like when rolled over?

Bonus points for any bone piece that could be convincingly masquerated by the bone of a livestock animal (chicken, goat, sheep, cattle) or wild game (deer, duck, bear, something).

Organs: Okay, agreed, I can probably look this part up. But if you have any favorite organs, feel free to tell me about them.

Last question: How difficult is it to pop out human eyes? That is, if you're an enemy combatant sabotaging the corpse, you'd want to mutilate and/or remove hands and faces. Hacking off the hands without the proper equipment sounds like it would take longer than you'd want to linger. Would it be possible to remove the eyes with a spoon sort of thing and without cutting up the face? With practice, how long would it take?

I would expect there to be some sort of easy-to-find how-to, what with the internet being the way it is, but I can't find one.

That's all my particularly gross questions for now. Thanks for any help you can give.

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