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WWI battles and trench warfare in 1918

I've tried Googling every variation of the theme, and Wikipedia isn't helping much either, though it did at least let me narrow it down to Battle of Amiens. Basically I'm writing a story from the perspective of a German soldier in battle on November 11, 1918. I want it to be as realistic (re: locale and time) as possible. So far this is the closest I've been able to come to a battle fought near the end, but even still it's way too soon: Wiki lists the major combat lasting only from August 8th-11th.

Question 1: Do you know of any major (or even close to major) battles that took place at the very end of the war? Or shoud I just pick any random spot on the northeastern French/German border and be done with it?

Question 2: This same article points to this particular battle as more or less the final one for trench warfare, as after that the Germans went on the defensive and were constantly moving. I'm not doubting the validity of that, but would it be safe to say that trenches were still built out of necessity, but maybe they just weren't as elaborate as they'd been through the rest of the war?

As always, thanks for any help you can offer!
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