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Old West Saloon Sources?


I'm working on a book dealing with an Old West saloon, circa 1870 in the wild part of Texas. Aside from HBO's Deadwood (which I love!), can anyone suggest good sources - online, book or movie - for information on saloons and cathouses of the era?

What I need:

- Layout and construction (floor plans would be wonderful!)

- Prices and goods

- Hows and wheres of operation (Where was the beer kept? How did they store and serve it? etc.)

- Supplies needed and necessary maintenance (candles? oil? repairs?)

- Typical fixtures (piano, mirror, mugs, tubs, tables, lamps, beds, outhouse, sure - but what else?)

- General staff needed (owner, bouncer(s), saloon girl(s), bartender, card dealer(s), cook(s), housekeeper(s), doc-on-call... am I missing anyone?)

- Overall routine, aside from the usual (serve customers, cook grub, provide baths, offer private space for "transactions," break up fights, make sure saloon doesn't get destroyed, etc.)

- Slang terms (it would be wonderful if I could find a source of Old West colloquialisms... especially ones dealing with saloons and cathouses)

Any and all help would be appreciated.

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