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Two unrelated, but connected (I swear!) questions:

On Fevers

Okay, I have a six-year-old who needs to be running a fever. So, keeping in mind that I know bupkiss about children: how high can a fever be in a six-year-old without raising alarm? How high a fever would require a call to a doctor and cool down measures? How much higher than that would mean a trip to the emergency ward?

Limbo (or equivilents)

I'm having trouble on researching this, mainly because I have no idea what different names for Limbo-type places there are. Basically, I'm looking for any myths/beliefs from any cultures that have an After-Life Waiting Room where the soul goes before it reaches its final destination. Websites and book recommendations would be very welcome.

As always, many thanks in advance for any help! ^.^
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