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Pidgin dialect development

I have a large group of people (~1600) from a lot of different countries (~8), who are living on an island together with comparatively little contact with the outside world. Although they all have their own individual languages (most of which do not share a common origin in the way that, say, French, Spanish and Italian do), one of them is spoken to some degree by almost everybody, as it is the most widely-used language for trade.

Approximately how long would it take before a pidgin dialect began to emerge? From what I've gathered looking at Pitcairnese, it will (or can) happen within the space of a generation, but does anybody have a more specific (or at least less vague!) length of time?

ETA: Thanks, folks! Also, sorry for not explaining a few things too well to start with:
Essentially, the people on the island are an army. A small original group of soldiers became (in)famous, and a bunch of other people turned up asking to join them. (This is waaay oversimplified, but the details aren't really that relevant here.)

The majority of them are soldiers or mercenaries, and so their knowledge of the 'trade-language' is limited in most cases to being able to get food and/or solicit female company while on campaign, and in at least one case, only the group's officers speak the trade-language.

ETA #2: I've finally realised why I love this place so much (aside from "because the people here answer my dumb questions")- you make me actually think about what I've written and whether it makes sense. Thanks, guys.
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