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Action before death of a man struck by arrows who fell from a horse


Here is a summary of what I want to happen. According to Wikipedia, a person who loses 30-40% of the blood in their body will die if there is no transfusion (which is impossible) but while their heartrate is accelerated and their skin is pale, they will be conscious unless they go into shock.

A Stout healthy man in peak physical condition is being shot at by people chasing him. He wheels his horse around and draws his sword. One of the arrows being shot at him hits him in the thigh. He looks around but can not find his attackers. As the arrows continue to fly, he turns his horse again and gallops on. Another arrow hits him in the back, piercing his stomach. He falls from his horse and breaks his hip. Thinking him dead his attackers abandon him. As he begins to crawl, the man loses about 30% of his body's blood. He makes it all the way to the door of a fort, crawling the whole way (since his hip is broken). He could barely see the wall of the fort in the distance as he was struck from his horse, meaning it was a distance of 3-5 miles. He was not armored and carrying very little gear on his person (most of it was on his horse). Finally, as he gets almost to the gate, his body shuts down from blood loss and he dies.

If it is not plausible, how much do I have to reduce his injuries so that he makes it to the gate just in time.

I have changed the broken hip to a broken (shattered) ankle, and reduced the distance to the town to a little over a mile.

Also, the guy is going to die at the gate and be found hours later. The horse must live intact.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order

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