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farewell to the days of having it both ways


I didn't see a cannibalism tag, so I'm sorry if any of this has been covered before.

Ceviche -- traditionally, chunks of raw fish marinated in lime juice (with other ingredients to taste). The proteins in the seafood are denatured by the acid in the dressing, "cooking" the fish without heat.

I have discussed this with various foodie friends, but am not entirely certain yet: is there any reason one could not apply this method of "cooking" to other kinds of meat, such as thin slices of human flesh?

Cuts of meat from muscular portions of the body aren't usually desireable in cooking. Would "flank" be an appropriate name for meat taken from along the side of a human body? And would that be a reasonably, um, tender place to take from?

The taste of human flesh has been compared to veal, as well as pork. Any anecdotal details about this would be welcome.

... please don't look at me like that. >_>
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