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Car accident speeds

I have tried my own searches and I really have no idea where to start with this, so I am coming here to beg for help. My apologies, my Google skills are usually fairly decent, and I did check the community memories.
A person (drunk) is speeding down the road in a huge SUV. At this time, there is someone in a small sedan pulling out of a parking lot, hardly moving as they are just beginning to turn left.
Said SUV hits the sedan: the passenger side of the SUV takes the hit, and the driver's side of the sedan gets hit and the car's driver is not so lucky. However, I plan on having the SUV driver survive the accident with seatbelts and airbags; however, I know that even those measures cannot guarantee survival at high speeds.
So, here is my question: how fast could the SUV be moving to ensure that the sedan driver is killed instantly but the SUV driver survives and/or is relatively okay? It is not vital that he walk away with minor injuries, just as long as he can be taken to the hospital and have it be fairly certain that he will easily survive.
Tags: ~car accidents

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