Moose (arathkura) wrote in little_details,

Norway to USA Visa Applications

Hi everyone. =3

Does anyone know anything about visa denials in Norway? A character in my fic has had a business visa (a P visa, for entertainers; he's a musician) to the USA denied, and I need to know:

- How the denial is communicated. Letter or phone call (or anything else)?
- If it is a letter, if there is likely to be a government stamp (or any other identifying mark) on the envelope (and which government?).
- If it is a letter, where it will have been sent from - the US embassy in Norway or the Norwegian embassy in the US (or anywhere else)?

Also (and this may be a very stupid question indeed), what time, on average, do postmen arrive in Norway? I need to know what time I have to have a character wake up so that he comes downstairs and finds a letter already on the mat. I tried the Posten website but the English version of their site is very limited. D:

Thanks very much in advance

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