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Dryads in Celtic Mythology

Hi all, I'm doing a bit of work with Celtic mythology at the moment, and in general, Wikipedia and Google have had my back, but I just can't get anything on this, so I'm turning to little_details. Basically, I need to know if there is a specific name for dryads or tree spirits in Celtic mythology. I've got a bit of leeway--if there were a specific fairy, Tuatha de Danann, sidhe, etc, or even something from Scots Celtic, Welsh, British or Norse mythology that resembled a dryad, that would be fine. I can mishmash. But I just don't know what name I should be searching for, and, of course, searching "dryad" only brings up Greco-Roman myths.

I also need to know if there are any specific rituals associated with tree spirits in general. Putting them in the canon of fairy lore, there'd be iron (/steel), oatmeal, church bells, and a whole slew of plants and rituals aimed at protecting mortals from them; is there anything similar in Greek mythology, perhaps? Or, again, i can mishmash mythologies, so any rituals associated with tree spirits from pretty much any religion would be doable.

Thanks for your time!
Tags: ~religion: celtic

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