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Japanese names for twin boys

I need a pair of given names for twin Japanese boys. The names can be a bit old fashioned or otherwise mildly odd since the boys (and their extended family) aren't human. Ideally, I want names that have equal and opposite meanings but sound similar.

Unisex names are welcome of course, I just don't want to accidentally give the boys overtly girlish names. I have enough trials in store for them without hanging that on them too.

Sakon and Ukon came to mind at first but I always think of crime-solving puppeteers, or ninjas, when I hear those names. ^^;

I've tried finding a pair of names using name lists, but the lists I have for male names are generally shorter than for female names and often don't have meanings listed. It's been a bit like flipping through a dictionary for words that sound similar and then hoping the definitions are equal and opposite.
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