Traveller Blues (traveller_blues) wrote in little_details,
Traveller Blues

Ugh! Bugs!

The answer is probably 'fruit flies', but in the interests of getting it right and having no idea what to search on in Google...

1) What are those tiny little flies that appear when you have trash in an open area, breed explosively (yay Angband reference) and just kinda hover slowly in the air when disturbed? By 'tiny', I mean they're about the size of the 'i' in the LiveJournal logo, are distinctly orange in direct light, and are attracted to bright light?
2) How fast do they breed? Do they eat anything, or just trash? Do they bite and/or snack on people/pets?
3) And perhaps most importantly, how do you get rid of them without using some sort of over the counter bug spray? Remove the food source and hope they wander off on their own?

Why, you may ask?
a) they're part of a crime scene in a potential novel idea, due to:
b) initial swarm near recycle bin + open window + lunch sack left in car with scavenged danish in it = there's a whole bunch of them in my housemate's car today (hence 'sprays are out'). *wince*

Thanks in advance...

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