OceanChild (oceanchild221) wrote in little_details,

Diseases acquired from human flesh?

The usual methods have yielded me little on this subject; they usually have to do with something unrelated on the subject of cannibalism.

In my story, characters are trapped in the wilderness in an extremely cold winter. I'm playing with the idea of the Windigo and Windigo psychosis. My character ultimately kills and eats her companion for nourishment. I want her to survive the cold long enough to be rescued, but am wondering if she could contract anything fatal from eating human flesh. Raw, if it's important - she has no ability to make a fire. The only thing that I've been able to find is if it were some kind of spongiform disease like mad cow or kuru, but those are so incredibly rare that it's just not plausible that her companion would have had it. Anything else? Something bacterial? I'm not picky, but I don't know my corpses. :)
Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated!
Tags: ~cannibalism

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