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Holy Cross Cathedral - Boston, MA - architecture/interior


I'm hoping someone here actually lives in Boston and has been in this church. I haven't been very successful in finding images of the interior. What i need to know is what it looks like just as you walk in - what is to the left and right, is it open or narrow or - what? Carpet? Stone?

And what it looks like as you walk up to the main altar, also. Again, floor, ceiling, carpet yes or no, anything you can tell me.

The pictures here - scroll down to number 14 - say they're from 1911? Does the church no longer have that vaulted ceiling?

This site seems to put the interior in a totally different light:

And lastly, this - is this the main altar, what you'd look at if you were attending a service? Scroll just a little.

Any help - including links - is great. Thank you!
Tags: usa: massachusetts

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