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Fabrics for Napoleonic-era uniforms, and dyeing

Once again, I've managed to find almost-but-not-quite what I'm looking for, and so I turn to you wonderful and helpful people.

1. Typically, what kind of fabric(s) were Napoleonic-era infantry uniforms made of? And would this material be suitable for an army permanently based on a sub-tropical island? (If not, what kind of fabric would be suitable for them to use?)

2. I also need a blue dye. Indigo seems to be what I'm looking for, but what I can't seem to find out is how good it is for covering other colours. Basically, could you re-dye something from bottle-green to dark blue using indigo, or would it come out as some horrible colour between the two?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: I think I have what I need, now. Thanks, folks! :-)
Tags: 1810-1819, uk: military: historical

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