JJ (justjayj) wrote in little_details,

Royal Italian Opera, London, 1855

The ROH's web page (and the Wikipedia article plaigarized reprinted from it) skip the details on the very year I need.

Does anyone know where I can look--now that my google-fu has failed--to find out what would have been playing at the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden, in October and/or November 1855? Barring that, what (in addition to Shakespeare) would have been likely to be performed there in that year?

I actually just need to get a bishop's widow, her daughter, her ward, and a well-born gentleman to a theater performance within that time frame, so other respectable venues (Haymarket, maybe?) with surviving records will do.

Book recommendations are welcome.

Yes, I realize I may have to contact someone at the ROH on this, but I thought I'd try y'all first.

Thanks very very much!

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