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1920's Hospital; Character Allergic? Reacting Badly To Saline?

Right, um first entry in here, so if I do it wrong I'm sorry...

So, I have a young man- mid twenties- who's been taken to the ER for a gunshot to the shoulder. Tendons were damaged, but not much else and he's just woken up from surgery to take the bullet out- What I need to know is, is it possible to be allergic (not the right word, but I don't know any other >.<) to normal dose saline solution when it's coupled with morphine?
Also, what kind of drug would a 1920's hospital give a patient for pain after surgery? Is it at all possible to react badly to the combination of morphine and normal dose saline, but not morphine and quarter-dose saline?

What I already know:

-Saline is a salt solution given to patients who need to be rehydrated or stabalized after surgery.
-Your body will not reject saline as it is basically like blood, but instead of protein it's made of salt.
-'Allergic' is entirely not the right word to use; neither is 'reaction'. Maybe it's an auto-immune thing?
- Most normal humans don't react all that badly to saline- it would be the painkillers, if anything.
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