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US Navy Hospital Corpsmen training timeline

Hi there! My google-fu has failed me, and I'm having a hard time nailing down exact timelines here.

I have a character who needs to have a personal history type of timeline for my own reference. I want to schedule his birth and schooling such that he would be a young man serving as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman attached to a Marine infantry unit during the First Gulf war. I know there are multiple kinds of schooling he'd need to go through, and I'd like to kind of get some help correcting/completing this picture:

US Navy Recruit Training: 9 weeks
Whatever you might call the basic (A school?) corpsman training: I really have no idea how many weeks
US Marines Field Medical Service School (I believe this is analogous to a C school?): 7 weeks

My current timeline has this character join the Navy at the age of 17 in August of 1989.  In August, 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait, and shortly after the United States started staging lots of troops in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. In terms of training timelines, how plausible would it be that my character would have been on the ground with his Marine unit during the First Gulf War?

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