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Ice cream in Germany and Japan

Is Neaopolitan (chocolate/strawberry/vanilla ice cream layered side by side in one container) readily available in Germany? According to my reGooglesearch, the actual term "Neapolitan ice cream" originated in the US, but if that three-layer ice cream is found in Germany, is it known under another name?

On that note, is Neapolitan readily available in Japan? And if it IS, what are some flavors that would be common to the United States (or Germany, if you want to get technical, but the US will work fine) which would NOT be?

I hope that made sense. oO The premise is, my character is from Germany and living in Japan, and someone buys him his favorite ice cream without having been asked evem though it's hard to get. My first thought was Neapolitan because I'm kinda craving it (lol) and I didn't think it would be readily available in Japan. But if, being German, he never even would have had it at home...another flavor can work just as easily.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thank you to all who replied, I believe I have my answer! You guys are the greatest.
Tags: germany: food and drink, japan: food and drink

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