she who is beaten by a dead squirrel every day (stormwind) wrote in little_details,
she who is beaten by a dead squirrel every day

Artificial insemination

Tried googling but all I got was AI for animals, and that won't exactly help me. xD

I have a lesbian couple who would like to use artificial insemination to have their second child. They already have a donor and now I just need to know what happens next. They're going to be going through a clinic for this rather than a turkey baster conception.

Basically, what I need to know is the timing of it all. I know that the woman has to be ovulating, the donor has to provide the sperm, and that the sperm is then "washed" before being placed inside the woman and soforth. But how long does each process take and what's the length of time between it all?

Is it clear what I'm looking for? I'll clarify if necessary.

Edit: They're not doing invitro, the sperm will be injected into the woman. Also, the donor is a close friend so he'll be able to provide sperm whenever it is needed.
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction

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