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Stylish Hard Fantasy question

In the climactic scene of Weepee* Prime, an ... object about 80kg in mass is converted into a black-hole. Now, now, don't worry, I already did the calcs in this fabulously useful thing here so I know what would happen - BH lasts for about 0.4 of a nanosecond, then detonates in a burst of Hawking radiation.

There lies my question: given that this happens on land (not in space), would the Hawking radiation irradiate the environment as a dirty bomb or nuclear meltdown would? Is Hawking radiation "dirty" or will the blast just ash everything within a coupla miles radius?

The existing comments show that the blast radius would be absurdly greater than what I need so ... related query. Suppose, instead of a black hole, the object is compressed into neutronium. Would that reduce the blast radius?


*WIP, Work In Progress etc
Tags: ~explosive & explosions, ~science: physics

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