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Leg amputation: indication and experience

Hello everyone. I have a question regarding leg amputation, specifically referring to the TV show House. If you're familiar with it you know the kind of leg problem he has. Now my question would be, if he had gotten an leg amputation, what kind of amputation do you think he would have gotten? Considering his problem lies somewhere in his thigh (which is where he keeps rubbing), he probably would have gotten a mid-fermur amputation, no? Perhaps even a hip disarticulation.

I've done some research on different kinds of leg amputations and somehow they keep going into the details of how to do it, but not what the indications would be. Also, I read that with transfemoral amputations the length of the residual femur is inversely related to the effort it takes to walk with a prosthesis later on. So, in other words, does it even make sense to leave just a tiny stump of the femur behind or is it generally more desireable to preserve the joint so the prosthesis can have maximum mobility?

Adding onto that is my question if anyone would be willing to share first hand experience with me on how it is to live with a leg prosthesis. Either a transfermoral or a hip one, or however you actually call it. Is it very difficult to walk with it? How much do you need to rely on your crutches in order to be able to walk steadily? Do you find that it impedes your daily life a lot or did you get used to it and are comfortable with it all around? How exactly do they attach to your body? I've found some articles on people who manage to continue with their hobbies without problems, such as this hip disarticulated guy who's playing golf. Is that relatively common or exceptional?

Thanks for your help! ^^

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