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New York hospitals and anemia

Here's the situation:
Character A was attacked by another character in Central Park, who managed to give him a small gash on his side. They attracted a somewhat large audience, and so someone (or several someones) notices A go down and the quickly growing puddle of blood and immediately calls 911.

My questions are:
- Which hospital would the paramedics take A to?

- Say A was an anemic. What are some of the dangers associated with anemia and that kind of injury? What might his immediate reaction be, and what might he be feeling, say, two days later? The wound itself isn't very big or deep, it's just his superspeed heartbeat (he's a mutant) that forced a lot of blood out. All I'm finding on anemia websites are things about "Anemia and Diabetes" and "Anemia and Geriatrics" and "Anemia and Your Cat", which isn't exactly helpful.
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