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Age Range for Minor Children

I Google'd this and browsed through the statutes for both the state of Texas and the state of New Mexico with no results which answer my question. Texas Legislature Online appears to have moved the page I need and I have no idea where I would search in their statutes. LexisNexis also failed to load the documentation for the state of New Mexico. Wikipedia explains the term "age of majority" and "age of consent" but doesn't detail what the age of majority is for each state. The article on emancipation of minors in Wikipedia only talks about California and Utah.

I DO NOT need to know age of consent. This isn't a sexual situation. These are the questions I need answered:

- At what age can a child be declared emancipated in Texas and New Mexico (assuming these states have emancipation laws)
- a legal description of the process for each state, including the terms of emancipation
- the age of majority for each state, assuming emancipation does not take place

I'm trying to determine if it would be realistic for a fifteen year old member of the Navajo nation (I already looked up their laws and it states they defer to the state standard regarding these issues) to be emancipated in New Mexico and if she would be considered a minor in the state of Texas regardless of emancipation status (that's for story purposes, not necessarily based on reality).
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