Gem (arian) wrote in little_details,

Folk Story

I'm doing a bit of research just now on a folk story from Lincolnshire, UK. It's called The Green Mist. Googling has turned up any number of retellings but what I really want to find out is if there are any equivalent stories from anywhere else in the world.

Very briefly, a young girl is dying in the winter and wishes that she could at least live to see the cowslips bloom and would die with the first of them. She is given a short reprieve and spends a lot of her time tending the cowslips outside. An admirer stops by while she's outside and talks to her for a while. Before he leaves he hands her one of the cowslips that he picked while she was occupied talking to him and she dies as the flower fades.

Does anyone know a story with a similar idea to this? Or any ideas where I could look?
Tags: uk: folklore

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