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1950s USA Railway Accident

The scenario my characters are going to find themselves in (nano plot) is basically that they are travelling across America in the 1950s by train, in the winter, and there is an accident.

Now what I want to happen is they are travelling through a mountainous area, there is either a landslide or the tracks give way and it takes help a couple of days to find them.  So does that sound like a reasonable response time to anyone with any knowledge of railways?  It's the winter and they're probably a bit away from civilisation (I am still researching various train routes to try and decide where this could happen). 
I also need a nice reference book for the 1950s if anyone could recommend one?

*sighs* I hope this isn't a stupid question.  I've googled and found nothing but that could just be me being dense about the correct search terms

Tags: 1950-1959, usa: history (misc), ~trains, ~travel: ground & rail

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