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Tomato liquor?

Google has failed me, despite my best attempts. All I can find are things about germinating tomato seeds by fermenting them, and Mexican drinks made from tequila and tomatoes. Which aren't what I'm after. The closest thing I've found is in Steve, Don't Eat It!'s entry on prison hooch, but again, it's not exactly what I'm after.

Is is possible to ferment tomatoes to produce an alcoholic drink, in the same way as you can with grapes, apples and pears?

If so, any suggestions on what this drink might taste like?

(If I had the time and equipment, yes, I would try it for myself. But alas...)

EDIT: Thanks, everybody- I should be all set now. :-) (And I never knew you could ferment carrots...)

EDIT 2: Now I have the Um Bongo jingle stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, blacknarcissus2. (:-p)
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