Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Hospital Codes

Hi! I'm writing a batfic in which Scarecrow escapes from Arkham by releasing his fear gas in the ventilation system and slipping off in the confusion.

Now I've been Googling for how the emergency might be announced over the PA system, and I'm thinking that it MIGHT be a 'code orange'. At least that's what some hospitals use for a "hazardous chemical spill." Other hospitals use it for a bomb threat.

I'm just wondering whether I'm right about calling it a code orange, whether there's a better code, or, barring that, if I choose to invent a code, which colors are currently "free" and won't be unintentionally humorous? (I've got a funny feeling that announcing a 'code periwinkle' just wouldn't work well.)
Tags: ~languages: english: american

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