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Brigante names


This is a follow up to a previous post of mine about languages. I have a problem naming some of my protagonists. Roman names are easy to find online (Wiki especially has a nice set of resources on them) but there seems to be a dearth of information about Brigante names. My googling comes up with a load of references to various artists and authors with the surname Brigante and a few references to the tribe itself but no actual lists of appropriate names apart from one or two historically relevant ones which I am wary of using. It would be like naming a character who was a writer Shakespeare, I feel :) Wiki does the same.

So, I am looking for appropriate names for Brigante characters - both male and female. Preferably a website which has a list of names with english meanings associated with them (I know there are several of these for Norse names, for example). I could check for a list of generic 'celtic' names but again not really sure how appropriate that is given the few names I have found are actually not all that similar to celtic names

Anyone able to help?
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