MeL (outlaw_mel) wrote in little_details,

Gunshot Effects on Hearing & Electricity Meets Human Body

Two completely unrelated writing project question topics! I'm wowed by the knowledge of this community.

1) One of my characters missed a bullet to the head, which blew off a chunk of the outer cartilage in a more or less rounded hunk on his left ear. The nick is about a centimeter in diameter, on the outside curve of the ear, which was delivered at point-blank range. So my question is: Would this be likely to permanently alter his hearing in that ear? If yes, then how so?

2) Another character is, to make a long scenario short, channeling a powerful, magical lightning elemental. This is something which has been living inside his body, and is now trying to get out by force, manifesting in the physical world. Assuming that the character himself may or may not be safe anymore as a conduit for this immense energy, what are some of the possible effects that he could have on his surroundings, or other people? What happens in cases of large electrical shock to the body? And would anyone be able to point me to a good visual reference for electrical scarring? I don't want to kill him outright, but a scare is just fine - and I can always wave that "it's MAGIC!" wand if I need to. ^_~

Thanks to anyone who can help me out!
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