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Going From Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego, CA, USA

I've searched Google maps, Google Images, Google, and MapQuest, and I can't find what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a map of San Diego and Tijuana (Mexico), that shows enough detail for me to plan a route going from one to the other, by foot. (My characters are escaping from a fair/circus-type thing that's situated near Tijuana, and I need to have them get into a fairly run-down/red light-type district in San Diego.)

Any help AT ALL would be appretiated, thanks!

Edit 01: Many people have pointed out that the border crossing is heavily guarded, and the characters would get caught -- this is good, as I plan on there being a chase scene, and I need an excuse. XD

Edit 02: The "red light" district has been decided on: San Ysidro/Isidro, a community in San Diego. Thanks!

Edit 03: Just for clarification, this happens at night, and there's one hell of a rainstorm going on (buckets of rain, thunder, lightning, etc), just in case it makes a sgnificant difference.

(Still need help on map-finding, please and thanks!)
Tags: mexico (misc), usa: california, ~immigration, ~travel (misc)

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