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Muslims and modesty

I've done a little research on this topic - in particular, I found a Muslim clothing website that gave a very informative explanation as to why Muslims, particularly women, dress the way they (traditionally) do. From that I came to the conclusion their emphasis is on modesty, not suppression, as a lot of people seem to believe.

From there, I somehow I got it in my head that modesty is to the Muslims as simplicity is to the Amish.. Am I right in assuming this? If I am, is that modesty supposed to extend beyond their physical appearance and into their personalities as well? I have not found anything so far in my research that confirms this, so if anybody could help me out, that would be great.

The main reason I'm in need of this information is that I have a female character who is Muslim, and I'd like to have her dressed in the "traditional" way, which will bring up some questions from the non-Muslims in the story who want to understand her better. She is modest by nature, but I'd like to know whether her religious/cultural upbringing would have had an impact on that.

Thanks in advance. :]

Thanks again for all the responses. I think I have the information I need now. :D
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