ar_zimrathon (ar_zimrathon) wrote in little_details,

Japanese History: Shoguns and emperors...

Okay, here's my problem; I'm writing a story where a fair amount of the plot hinges around a sword that was supposedly stolen from the emperor of Japan, but was actually handed over to my villain by the shogun because the sword was cursed. What I'd like to know is if there were any shoguns in the history of Japan that actually had a close enough relationship with the emperor to do such a thing. If not, I can easily switch it to the emperor himself giving away the sword. The time period doesn't actually matter, as the story is about time travelers.

I'd also like to know if there are any famous cursed swords, or swords that have belonged to emperors of Japan. Preferrably swords with names. Anything to narrow down the time period of the events that occur in Japan so that I can actually pinpoint the various bits of the rest of my research.
Tags: japan: history

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