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Cold Weather in primative conditions

So I've found temperatures and driving conditions and storm warnings, but not a lot that I can actually use in my fic.

I've put my characters near Sioux Falls South Dakota, in a remote home in the woods.  Events have happened in the world where right now the powerlines are dead, there's chaos in the big cities,  things are pretty nuts (It was an EMP that hit late-summer, so they've had some time to prepare for winter).  They've got a fireplace that burns gas or wood (but they're trying to save the gas as long as possible because they don't know when more will be available).

What I'm wondering is what time of the year would they stop going outside unless absolutely necessary?  It seems like on this historical-renactment show I watched that the winter was for sitting around doing crafts and stuff inside.  

Also, If two healthy men had to make a 7-mile treck to a neighbor's house and back during the day in December, would it be do-able?
They'd have normal, current-day cold-weather gear for lower-middle-class people of that region.

Anything else that I'm not aware of about wintering in South Dakota if you don't plan on going anywhere?  They're a fairly survivalist-type group of guys anyways.

 Help a Texas girl out, here.? :)

Month Avg. High Avg. Low   Rec. High Rec. Low
November 42.0° F 21.0° F   76.0° (11/03/1978) -17.0° F (11/30/1964)
December 29.0° F 8.0° F   61.0° (12/07/1984) -28.0° F (12/23/1990)
January 25.0° F 3.0° F   66.0° (01/24/1981) -36.0° F (01/19/1970)
February 32.0° F 10.0° F   70.0° (02/22/1982) -31.0° F (02/28/1962)
March 44.0° F 21.0° F   87.0° (03/30/1968) -23.0° F (03/11/1948

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: Got it, thanks.
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