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Poison that causes death within 15 to 24 hours with several different symptoms

I'm looking for a slow-acting poison. Well, "slow" in terms of not instant, but acting over several hours, but no more than 15 or so, maybe 24. I realize in terms of poisoning that's actually rather fast. It should present itself in several symtoms that present one at a time and should be relatively varied, as in not affecting just one part of the body. It shouldn't put the victim in a coma after 2 hours or so either LOL. Ideally, it causes the worst, incapacitating effect shortly before death occurs. Until then, the patient should be able to describe the symptoms he experiences so the person trying to figure out which poison it is has something to work with. It could also be some kind of medical condition or so, but I think poison works best there. I'd like it to be some chemical or medical substance, not belladonna or horse chestnut, obviously. It should be able to be cured relatively easy, too. Like, with an antidote.

I've got this book about poisons but somehow the ones I find are kinda lame. Either they are some really harmless sounding plant or they can't be treated or only can be treated symptomatically (which I'm not entirely sure what it means, but it doesn't sound very interesting). I've tried googling, but somehow it's difficult to even figure out which terms to use. I've googled and wikied the poisons I've found in my book, but that didn't help so much. It's also a bit difficult to assess the usefulness of the information.

Here's a list of poisons my books suggested that are within the timeframe I want, but someone none of them seem to fit completely.

Botulism has interesting symptoms but seems to be too obvious near the end of it and also seems a bit overused.
Cinchophen mainly damages the liver and has sucky symptoms, so no good.
Amanita has promising symptoms but apparently can't be treated and is a mushroom.
Savin is a plant and can only be treated symptomatically apparently. Also, the symtoms are all very close together which is bad.
Methanol might work but it's a bit unspectacular.
Phosgene is a gas which isn't no good and most of the symptoms seem to be confined to the lungs and to irritation caused by it.
Dieldrin is a pesticide and has interesting symptoms but can only be treated symptomatically apparently which is a downer.
Endrin same thing.

Ideas anyone? Help greatly appreciated...
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